Dwyer Arena

Tournament Date: May 3rd-5th, 2024
Address: Niagara University 5795 Lewiston Rd, 1 Monteagle Trl, Lewiston, NY 14109
Email: info@bardownhockey.com

The Dwyer Arena boasts a dynamic setup with two expansive ice surfaces, each measuring 200 x 85 feet. Accompanying these top-tier facilities is a well-equipped pro shop. The arena’s primary rink can comfortably accommodate an audience of up to 1,400, making it an inviting space for spectators and enthusiasts alike. This esteemed arena serves as the home ground for the Niagara Purple Eagles men’s ice hockey team, a proud member of Atlantic Hockey. In the past, it also housed the women’s ice hockey team, which competed in College Hockey America with equal fervor and determination.

Built in 1996, The Robert and Concetta Dwyer Arena underwent significant transformation before the 1999-2000 season. Generously funded by Bob and Connie Dwyer, both 1965 alumni, a $3 million gift facilitated extensive upgrades. Enhanced locker and training rooms, a players’ lounge, and an inviting lobby were crafted. Distinct entrances for the main and auxiliary rinks, a modern pro shop, and an updated ticket office were established. In 2007, a premium seating segment replaced the Party Deck, elevating capacity from 1,600 to 2,100. The arena’s current seating capacity stands at 1,400.

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