Intermediate Division

Intermediates of the Ice

Intermediate Division - Rating 5

At Bar Down Hockey, we take pride in nurturing exceptional talent on the ice, and our Skill Level 5 category represents the epitome of excellence. Our players in this category exhibit remarkable finesse, as they very rarely fall and showcase unparalleled skating prowess. Seamlessly transitioning between moves is second nature to them, a testament to their dedication and hard work. Their high hockey IQ sets them apart, enabling them to make split-second decisions that elevate the game.

With a penchant for precision, they effortlessly catch passes and handle the puck with finesse, leaving opponents in awe. Their shots are a force to be reckoned with, each one carrying the promise of a game-changing moment. Skill Level 5 players at Bar Down Hockey embody the essence of the sport, embodying both grace and power on the ice.


Player Description

  • Very rarely falls
  • Good skater
  • Can transition smoothly
  • Has good hockey IQ
  • Catches most passes
  • Handles the puck well
  • Shoots well

Prior Experience

  • Mid to Low Junior Varsity
  • 16U
  • Mid-level Rec-Player

Intermediates of the Ice

Intermediate Division - Rating 6

Step into the world of elite performance with Bar Down Hockey’s Skill Level 6 category, where brilliance on the ice reaches its zenith. Our players in this tier are masters of their craft, achieving a level of skill that borders on the extraordinary. They navigate the rink with an unmatched finesse, their flawless skating keeping them upright and in control at all times. Transitions are executed with an ease that defies physics, showcasing their exceptional understanding of motion. With a hockey IQ that reads the game like an open book, they predict plays before they unfold, gaining a critical advantage. Their puck handling dances between their fingertips, a symphony of control and creativity that leaves opponents bewildered.

The precision of their passes is a testament to their dedication, threading the needle with accuracy and flair. And when they wind up for a shot, it’s a display of power and finesse in perfect harmony. Skill Level 6 players at Bar Down Hockey redefine excellence, setting a standard that elevates the sport to an art form.

Player Description

  • Never falls
  • Good skater
  • Easy Transitions
  • Good hockey IQ
  • Good puck handling/passing/shooting

Prior Experience

  • Lower level Varsity Hockey
  • Junior Varsity

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