Tournament Details

Tournament Details

Tournament Details

Big Annoucement

Bar Down Hockey Partners with Kasper Sports

Bar Down Hockey is excited to announce our partnership with Kasper Sports, a leading custom jersey and uniform company known for their exceptional quality, innovative design, and outstanding service. Check out their online jersey builder or reach out to them directly at hello@kaspersports.com to get started with your team’s dream jerseys!

Bar Down Hockey

Special Bonus

Every team is entered into a drawing for a FREE set of Jerseys w/ socks and a Sparx Pro 3. 

Bar Down Hockey

Tournament Details & Disclaimer

Our goal at Bar Down Hockey is to put on the best Hockey Tournament experience for every team, and every player in every division. During the player registration, each player will rate themselves as honestly as possible. This is critical to have a fun and competitive tournament for everyone involved. This means NO RINGERS/SANDBAGERS or TEAMS TROPHY HUNTING.

This WILL NOT be tolerated in any way. Players who willingly rate themselves lower than their actual skill level WILL BE removed from playing in the remainder of the tournament and will not be refunded their tournament fees. If you have had an injury, please contact the tournament director to discuss this matter so we can make accommodations.

Welcome to Bar Down Hockey, where the love for the game meets unmatched expertise. As a premier destination for hockey enthusiasts, ages 18+, and all skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned player looking to refine your skills or a newcomer eager to step onto the ice for the first time, our commitment to excellence and the thrill of the game ensures an unforgettable hockey experience for everyone.

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