Novice Division

Novices of the Ice

Novice Division - Rating 3

Welcome to Bar Down Hockey’s Novice Division, where budding talents take their first steps towards greatness. In our skill Level 3 category, we embrace the spirit of recreational play, nurturing players who are finding their rhythm on the ice. These newer players demonstrate promise, skating with determination despite occasional falls. They’re at the summit of beginner leagues, showcasing their commitment and progress. As they develop their skills, there’s a charming authenticity in their occasional missed passes and shots, reminding us of the journey that lies ahead. At Bar Down Hockey, we celebrate every stride forward, recognizing that the path to mastery begins with the joy of the game.

Player Description

  • Newer Recreational Only Player
  • Skates ok
  • Falls at times
  • Is top of beginner leagues
  • Still misses passes
  • Shoots occassionally

Prior Experience

  • Low Rec-Only Leagues

Novices of the Ice

Novice Division - Rating 4

Welcome to Bar Down Hockey’s Novice Division, where we embrace the joy of the game at a skill level of 4. Our team is perfect for those with a majority of recreational experience who exhibit solid skating abilities, maintaining balance and rarely stumbling on the ice. Transitioning between moves is becoming a familiar part of your game, and your capability to receive passes is steadily improving. While your puck handling is consistent, you’re refining the art of maintaining possession. Your shots might not be the swiftest, but they’re calculated and deliberate. At Bar Down Hockey, we celebrate progress and the love for the sport, fostering a supportive environment where players can grow and savor every stride on the ice. Join us and elevate your game to new heights in the Novice Division.

Player Description

  • Majority Rec Experience
  • Skates decent
  • Rarely falls
  • Can transition at times
  • Catches passes ok
  • Puck handles most of the time
  • Slower shots

Prior Experience

  • Mid-Low Level REC Leagues

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