OfficialHow Many Types Of Hockey Are There?
How many types of hockey are there?

How Many Types Of Hockey Are There?

Hockey, a sport beloved by many for its fast-paced action and thrilling gameplay, has evolved into several forms over the years, each bringing its unique twist to the game. At Bar Down Hockey, we’ve seen enthusiasts from all walks of life embrace these variations, whether they’re on ice, a field, or rolling around a rink. In this post, we’ll dive into the different types of hockey, showcasing how this versatile sport caters to a wide range of interests and environments.

1. Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is perhaps the most well-known form of the sport, especially popular in countries with colder climates like Canada, the United States, Russia, and Sweden. This type is played on an ice rink with teams of six players, including the goalie. The game’s objective is to score goals by hitting a puck into the opponent’s net using sticks, all while skating at high speeds. Ice hockey is recognized for its physicality, strategic team play, and skillful puck handling.

2. Field Hockey

Unlike its icy counterpart, field hockey is played on grass, turf, or synthetic fields, making it a common sight in schools and sports clubs worldwide. This game involves teams of eleven players and uses a hard ball, with players maneuvering it with long, curved sticks to score goals. It’s particularly popular in countries like India, Australia, and the Netherlands and is cherished for its emphasis on endurance, tactics, and precision.

3. Inline Hockey (Roller Hockey)

Inline hockey borrows elements from ice hockey but is played on a smooth surface using inline skates. This form of hockey typically involves fewer players on the rink at one time, often four plus a goalie. The puck used in inline hockey is designed for the smoother surface, and the game is known for its fast pace and high scoring.

4. Sledge Hockey (Para Ice Hockey)

Sledge hockey, also known as para ice hockey, is an adaptation of ice hockey designed for players with physical disabilities. Participants sit in specially designed sledges that glide on two hockey skate blades and use two sticks, both for propelling themselves and handling the puck. This inspiring form of hockey is a Paralympic sport and has a passionate following, promoting inclusivity in the athletic community.

5. Street Hockey

Also known as ball hockey, street hockey is played on foot on a hard surface, typically using a ball instead of a puck. This type of hockey can be played almost anywhere, from actual streets to parking lots, and doesn’t require much equipment, making it accessible to a wide audience. It’s particularly popular in urban areas where ice rinks or fields may not be readily available.

6. Underwater Hockey

Underwater hockey is played at the bottom of a swimming pool by two teams equipped with snorkeling gear. Players use short sticks to maneuver a puck across the pool floor into the opponents’ goals. This unique form of hockey tests players’ breath-holding abilities and underwater agility, making it a challenging and exciting adaptation of the sport.

7. Gym Hockey

Gym hockey, often played in schools, is a variation of floor hockey. Players use plastic sticks and a lightweight ball, making it safe and suitable for indoor play. This version of hockey emphasizes fun and inclusivity, perfect for youth and beginners just getting into the sport.

8. Pond Hockey

Pond hockey is a more informal type of ice hockey played on natural ice surfaces like ponds and lakes. This version often forgoes traditional hockey’s rigid rules and structures, focusing instead on the joy of playing outdoors in a natural setting. It’s a nostalgic form for many, reminiscent of childhood winters spent skating under the open sky.


From the thrilling clashes on icy arenas to innovative adaptations like underwater and sledge hockey, the world of hockey offers something for everyone. At Bar Down Hockey, we celebrate all these forms, recognizing each one’s unique contribution to the broader world of sports. Whether you’re a fan of the traditional game or looking to try something new, the diverse types of hockey ensure that every enthusiast can find their niche in this dynamic sport. Join us as we continue to explore and enjoy the many flavors of hockey, each with its own set of thrills and challenges.

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